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Aspriation Homes is proud to offer beautiful new homes in our amenity-rich communities conveniently located in Payson. Our communities exemplify Aspiration Homes commitment to service, quality and value, through their stunning new home communities and affordable no money down homes. All of our communities offer spacious living with quick access to the state’s best hiking, biking and skiing. Enjoy the slower pace, open space and reduced living expenses that exist just a short distance from downtown. Aspiration Homes’ new home communities offer the best of both worlds: affordable homeownership, and the vibrancy, attractions and amenities of Utah County.


Payson was originally named Peteetneet, after a Ute Indian chief who lived near Payson's current location. However, the pioneering residents decided to change the name to Payson, after James Pace, due to the fact that no one outside of Payson knew how to spell or say Peteetneet. A monument still stands to Chief Peteetneet at the Peteetneet Museum and Cultural Arts Center, originally the first school in Payson.

The Peteetneet Museum is a historical gem in the community and is known for its historical significance, beauty, and great sledding. A committee headed by Marv Loy Egget has recently raised funds for the Peteetneet Museum glass elevator. Construction was completed on it the summer of 2008.

Payson celebrates its heritage through monuments such as the historic Main Street, Peteetneet Museum and Cultural Arts Center, and several Payson Historical Society markers that note houses and other sites in the city over a hundred years old.


Payson is the site of the annual Scottish Heritage Festival, held every July. Other annual festivities include a salmon supper, held every August, and the annual Onion Days festival, held every Labor Day weekend. The city also has band concerts in the Memorial Park, and has had such concerts since the early 1950s.

Payson is where most of the 1984 hit movie Footloose was filmed, in settings such as Payson High School and Sudsie's, a local car wash. The town was also one of the locations for the 1985 thriller Warning Sign. Payson was the setting of the 1979 children's movie Banjo the Woodpile Cat. The town is a film favorite for seminary videos filmed by the LDS Church. The popular Mormon film Baptists at Our Barbecue was also shot on Payson's historic Main Street. Most recently, Payson was used to film most of the Disney Channel movie Hatching Pete.

The city was the birthplace of singer-songwriter Jewel.

It is the hometown of Disney animator and film producer Don Bluth.

The city has large numbers of persons with Scottish and Scots-Irish ancestry. However, the expansion of the Salt Lake City metropolitan area into Payson has changed the city's ethnic and religious makeup with additions of Catholic (including Eastern Rite Catholic and Greek Catholic brought in by Greek, Italian and Yugoslav settlers), Presbyterian, Evangelist, and Wiccan. Payson, like Provo, has a predominantly Mormon population, but other religious sects and denominations such as Lutherans, Methodists, Roman Catholics and Southern Baptists. 

The imprint of Scandinavian settlement is found in thousands of residents with Scandinavian (i.e. Danish, Norwegian and Swedish) surnames, as well thousands of Icelanders and Norwegians settled the Payson-Spanish Fork area in the 1850s; Swiss people and Austrians; and since the 1930s, Mexican Americans among a few other Hispanics and Latinos.


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